Friday, November 18, 2005

MAC Watch

I'm currently saving up to treat myself to a shiny new Mac; I've always wanted one and I have now "got permission" to buy one thanks in no small part for my willingness to part with silly amounts of money for a Canon EOS 20D, probably one of the coolest digital SLRs that you can buy without selling 2 or three internal organs.

My initial plan was to get a mac mini and convince the wife to scrap the desktop PC, its just too big and we don't really need all the processing power and storage that I have accumulated over the years.

I thought a Mac mini would fit our needs perfectly and increase the workflow of our little home photography studio. Namely by letting me create a little Automator program that when a photo was dropped on to it, it would rotate to portrait mode, resize to 10x15 or whatever other sizes I decide I want to print on, set the resolution to 300DPI and then print it. This would remove about oh lets say a half dozen steps in photoshop.

Then this interesting article dropped in my inbox and changed all that

Now im swinging to getting an iBook and just using it as a workstation with better portability, I would of course be wanting to get another one, just so that if I have it with me, there is still one at home/with the wife.

My wife doesn't use the PC that much anyway, a bit of light photoediting and printing, webcam chats with her dad in Thailand and stepsister on an island in the Philipines, iTunes, some internet browsing and thats about it.

I only need some Linux programs, Dreamweaver and a Microsoft remote desktop connection and I am able to work from home on whatever I need to.

Oh wait, all of those are available for OS X, and even if they weren't I have an old Sony VAIO that can be trundled out when I absolutely, positively want to(have to) gouge my eyes out on Windows 2000 with 64MB RAM.

I'll keep this updated with how the quest for mac progresses, and how much I love/hate it when it arrives.

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