Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Voice - Missing, Reward offered

So this morning I've woken up and discovered that I've lost my voice. I have no idea what caused this as I didn't do anything differently nor am I feeling any more unwell (I've had a bit of a cold but I don't think that would do it)

It's quite a peculiar situation for me, when I'm talking to someone I can hear my proper (or at least my perception of it via bone conduction) voice in my head but what comes out is a complete whisper, I can raise my voice but it either feels like I'm shouting through treacle or leaves me exhausted.

So, if anyone phones me today I think I might just lay on some heavy breathing and make them think that they've gotten a wrong number.

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Saturday, July 10, 2010


Things I have learned today (or why I am damp and smell a bit like the
plumbing counter at a building suppliers)

1. Some plumbing is easy.

2. I am better at plumbing than I thought.

3. Plumbing is called a wet trade for a reason.

4. Toilets are a *bastard* to work around

5. The plumber that fitted our house out is a moron who I will *drown*
in what I had to take care of today if I ever meet him.

6. B&Q staff know fuck all squared about plumbing.

7. My toilet now no longer leaks over the floor but it cost me £60 in
parts and a tool to fix.

8. The smell at a plumbing counter at a builders suppliers is
"Plumbers Mait" it's a sticky, never setting mastic compound that is
waterproof and incredibly sticky.

I am now quite pleased with myself and am having some hot tea to
celebrate. I may or may not try to consume my own weight in Jaffa

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