Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Last night was very exciting for me, we got a new puppy in the house.

The story begins with our neighbours getting a new pup as well, ours' brother to be specific. Then our neighbours found out they were going to have another baby and the mother couldn't deal with the smells and the mess that puppies bring. We had planned to give it a home over Christm
as and help them rehome it.

We were a bit disappointed when we found out last night that they were going to keep him but thought it was for the best. We had our hearts set on getting a puppy and putting in the effort that is needed so we were going to the local rehoming centre and were going to adopt another.

The neighbours mentioned that their pup had a brother and two sisters that also needed homes, and that they could bring them down so we could have a look at them. W
e told them just to bring down the dog as we have two already and wouldn't be able to home a bitch.

We kinda discussed it and thought it was a bad idea but as soon as he arrived in with us our minds were made up, we took him there and then, he's called Remus and we have no idea what he is.

No-one has any idea what breed he is apart from being a bitsa (bitsa this and bitsa that) so he could grow to be as big as a big thing or just stay as small as he is now.

I'm heading home at lunchtime to feed him and let him out so I'll take a few photos and post them here, I have one on my camera phone but the quality is awful.


As promised here is a photo, didnt have time to take anymore. Might take some more tonight...

Friday, December 02, 2005

360 Launch Day

Well, today started off very interesting for me!
If you don't know it was the official European launch of the XB0x 360 and I was at the front of the queue.
I had to get up at stupid o' clock but I would guess that I was the first person in the town to get one.
It was a miserable cold wet stand outside the shop for an hour and a half and I feel like I want to die as my joints loosen up and the monkeys in my brain unfreeze and starting playing those blasted drums again.


But here's the kicker, I'm not allowed to play it til Christmas. I have a sneaking suspicion that I might be getting a Mac Mini as well but its only a suspicion at the minute...

I'll keep it posted, might "trip" over one when I'm up in the attic.