Monday, November 14, 2005

I have been using for a while now, I found it by accident and thought it was a fantastic tool, I recommend it to anyone who will listen and anyone who gives it a go tends to keep using it.
It works for me because i could be at any number of PCs and still have access to my favourites list.
I know I could set u p a HTML page with my bookmarks on it, but why would I do that when someone else can do it for me, and I can share what i found with other people!
There is also the "popular" section where you can see the most bookmarked pages over a period of time.
I stumbled across tagrolls on their site and I thought I would use it now to show people exactly what i might be looking at at any one point in time. Unfortunately, it doesnt work with blogger as you can't incorporate javascript. Pants.

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