Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tech I Touch #1

This is a new series of blog entries about interesting tech (to me anyway) that I come across in my day-to-day life.

They will probably be sporadic entries as most of the tech that I come across, I've either used it already or it doesn't interest or intrigue me.

This one will be about the Dyson hand dryer. Please bear with me on this, I know this sounds like a deathly boring object but I found it interesting as it was a novel twist on existing technology that, to be quite honest, only did a passable job, usually resorting to rubbing hands on your trousers. Or trying to find not quite environmentally friendly paper towels.

They dyson machine is quite different, rather than a straight down heated airflow, it has a semi-enclosed area that you put your hands into and then draw them out slowly.
A high pressure stream of cold air pushes the water off your hands from the base of your palm up to your fingertips, 1 pass, maybe 2 is all that it took for soaking wet hands to be bone dry.

Here's a linky Dyson AirBlade

What I found interesting was that it used cold air rather than the usual heated airstream. This in itself has to be more environmentally friendly and safer as there is no wasteful heating element.

There are more details at the link above, including a cost-saving calculator.

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