Monday, June 23, 2008

Public Speaking

This weekend just past, I gave a presentation to about 20 odd people on the joys of Nagios, the open source server and network monitor.

This is probably the first bit of proper public speaking that I have done in a very long time.

Before I actually gave the presentation, I was so nervous, looking round, catching glimpses of other peoples presentations, vision based tracking, rapid web service development in rails.

I just thought, wow these people are really serious about this, should I even be here?

The answer was, hell yeah, the people in the room (including the authors of the two topics ^^^) obviously wanted to hear something about it otherwise they would be out getting coffee or something similar.

So a scary experience turned out to be really worthwhile and a great way to meet new people, BarCamp '09 here I come (just need to figure out a topic!)

PS once I started speaking I was fine, the most of the nerves left me, except of course when my remote started to misbehave....

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