Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Apache 2 Virtual hosting, mutiple IP addresses and Coldfusion fuckwittery

This is a quick post this time, it turns out that if you are using Virtual Hosts in Apache with multiple IP Addresses on the same NIC (having two or more sites with SSL), you should not have the cfadministrator virtual host under the same IP Address; it causes whatever site is hosted on that IP address to be hosed and have incredibly slow response/load times.

This has been a pain in my ass for about 2 weeks, I had until just recently not been able to get to the bottom of why two identical sites on the same server etc etc have such completely different behaviours.

I decided to bite the bullet today and step through the entire site to try and eliminate any differences and get to the bottom of the speed problem.

Needless to say the cfadmin IP address was swiftly changed to a different one and the difference was night and day.

So to summarise, dont have Cfadmin and a live site on the same IP address if you need more than one IP address on the same NIC. I don't think that this would be a common problem, but if you do come across it and this helps you drop me a comment!

This was intended to be a very short post but... I'll stop now

Almost home time, not too long left now....

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