Thursday, July 16, 2009

Trip To The Cinema

So last night, my wife, her nephew and myself decided to go to the cinema and catch the latest Harry Potter, it should have been a relatively painless experience but turned out to be very far from the truth.

Whilst the cinematic experience was in itself perfectly satisfactory, a good film, no interruptions in viewing by the projectionist, sound direction and levels all nicely set etc. The actual cinema experience left an awful lot to be desired.

Firstly and most importantly was the other patrons of the cinema, I was abused verbally and physically in the queue. I had to actually push someone back and basically tell them that if they didn't move their fucking heffalump arse I would move it for them. we had decent seats (i.e. not craning up or to either side to see the screen) but this had the effect of being right at the aisle, if one fucker went up and down those stairs 20 of them did. 

And what the fuck is it with the mobile phones? Do they have to have 12 million candela screens? Jesus H Christ, the guy in front of me actually answered his phone with "No I can't talk, I'm in the cinema" then proceeded to have a 5 minute conversation. Take that shit outside, you aren't that fucking important (believe me, he was no brain surgeon)
Every 30 seconds some cuntbag in my field of vision had their phone out and I was half blinded. Yes, you iPhone users as well, turn the fucking brightness down if you feel the need to use it in a very dark room. The only time I had my phone out was to make sure that it was on silent and that I had turned the vibrate off, does no one have any consideration for the other poor bastards that paid £6 for their tickets?

Secondly is the price. Last night cost about £35 all told for 3 people, a bag of sweets and a medium coke each. £35... I'm sorry but for £35 I would rather get a bluray disc, load it up into my excellent cinema system and have a few beers/ciders out of a Glass. It's no bloody wonder I don't go to the cinema anymore and paid out reasonable money for good kit at home. I'm just going to wait for stuff to hit bluray (or a HD Download :) ) and watch it there.

So all you inconsiderate cinema users, you can all go and fuck off.

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