Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Installing Debian and KDE 4.2 - EPIC FAIL

Installed Debian 5.0.0 Testing from NetInstall CD
Assigned Static IP in our subnet
Used the entire 1st disk with guided partitioning and all files in one partition (Don't Judge me I just wanted it to work!)
Added a temp user as if it worked I wanted to have "MY" home directory under subversion
Told Aptitude to use
so that it can get to the internet via ISA Proxy server
Decided not to participate in Package Usage Contest
Deselected the Desktop Environment Option
Installed GRUB to MBR when prompted
Logged in after reboot
aptitude install sudo nano jed vim
aptitude install ntlmaps
Added the unstable Repos to /etc/apt/sources.list
aptitude update
aptitude -t squeeze upgrade
(This command appeared to access the unstable repo so didn't do what I told it to.)

aptitude -t squeeze dist-upgrade
aptitude -t unstable upgrade
aptitude -t unstable dist-upgrade
aptitude -t unstable install xserver-xorg
aptitude -t unstable install kdebase-runtime-bin-kde4
aptitude -t unstable install kde4
(accepted Solution relating to gnome and libnautilus)
Set the root password for mySQL
Set the default Domain for SAMBA

Rebooted, KDM started and was able to login, initial login was slightly longer but assumed this was down to the kde config doing it's magic and setting up the initial config files that would be missing for each user.
Shut down
Added in graphics card (dual head so on-board graphics DISABLED)
Start up, KDE starts fine, login - Hangs on KDE Splash screen


What I want to know is why it didn't do what my current install of Kubuntu and KDE4 does... and just bloody worked when I added the extra card in.


See my latest post on Kubuntu 9.04 with dual monitors. Silly Daniel.

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