Monday, February 23, 2009

Linux Admin in a Windows corporation

Over the next few months, I'm going to be writing about the tools, software, and problems/solutions I'm having being a linux admin in a windows corporation, everything so far runs on various versions of Windows, from windows 2000 right through to 2008 enterprise edition in a fair number of its guises.

It's not been too bad so far, I have Windows 7 running inside Virtualbox on my Kubuntu desktop for things that absolutely require windows and some office stuff (like our corporate intranet site) but other than that I've been using kubuntu as my main machine.

I've already implemented a squid proxy for some sites in our DMZ so that we can plug that hole in our firewall and allow them access out to the internet without hopping back to our internal network to the corporate ISA server.

I've also got Nagios running alongside Splunk for Monitoring and SysLog collection for Windows Servers, they are running quite nicely but definitely need some time fettling with them, I have to say the 15min guide for Nagios on their new site is actually lying, it doesn't take anywhere near 15 minutes, its on the good side of 10!

Anyway, enough for now.

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