Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Installing Windows 2003 64 bit on Sun X4150

Having received a shiny new Sun x4150 to be used as an exchange server, I came across a few interesting details about it.

1. It comes in lots and lots of boxes and must be assembled.
2. It's nice and easy to work in as its so tidy and well organised.
3. It doesn't come with a CD/DVD Drive by default so pull out your USB drives or just order one from the factory.

As it doesn't have a floppy drive it's a bit problematic installing the drivers for the LSI Logic RAID Card, I had to remaster the windows 2003 64bit CD in order to slipstream the drivers onto it for textmode setup.

Firstly download nLite, its a great tool for doing unattended installations as well as integrating stuff into a new windows install CD

Tell it to rip the windows install from the CD Drive or do it yourself and tell it where the folders are.

On the next screen, pick the drivers button and the bootable ISO option. You can have a play about with the rest but its up to yourself.

Change out your Windows CD for the "SunFire Tools and Drivers CD" that came with your server or download it from sun.com.

On the drivers screen, tell it to import the Multiple Driver select, then pick the cd:/drivers/windows directory (or similar). Then select the drivers that have 64 bit in them, but don't bother with the drivers with RIS in their path.

Hit next and then on the last screen hit Make ISO.

And thats you, burn it out and you are laughing

Apparently there is a tool on the sun disk that does this (or similar) but I didn't have access to a Solaris or Red Hat box to do it.

This worked for me but as always YMMV


Anonymous said...

awesome, saved me a lot of time, thanks \o/

bowillis said...

so much time saved...knew i could do this but couldnt remember the s/w or the steps...first google search foudn you and will finish before lunch...thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your help, although no matter what I do, I get an arcsas.sys error.

"arcsas.sys is corrupted"

Have you encountered this error?

any help is much appreciated!

Daniel said...

@Anonymous, I think this is probably down to how you are mastering the Disk, I've come across a similar issue, you could try different media or not use a CDR/W etc.
Or you could just try redoing the initial copy of the driver files.

selinitur said...

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